Monday, October 03, 2005

I am writing from Matt's computer. I had to take my laptop into the shop on Friday--it had been acting strange for the last few weeks (weird messages about low memory and the "trusted zone" kept popping up, and programs were slow to open) but then it started to crash, giving me the black screen of death once, and then the blue. I had a dream Thursday night that the grim reaper was stalking me--a strangely literal dream, complete with skeleton and cape. I worried when I woke up that something might happen on the drive to Joshua Tree (it was a wonderful trip, by the way; a weekend of glorious air, great friends, good music, gorgeous and bizarre surroundings, and a rescued dog that liked to stand on its hind legs and chase horses--not at the same time, though; that would be quite a sight!) In retrospect, I imagine my dream must have been about my computer. I hope to be able to pick it up this morning. Amazing how quickly and deeply we can become reliant on technology. I feel very vulnerable with my laptop out of my hands; it's like I'm missing part of my body, part of my own "trusted zone".

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