Friday, October 28, 2005

Another smell-y link: Strawberry Smell Trademark Denied. The article chronicles a French company's recent, failed, attempt to trademark the smell of fresh strawberries.

The company argued that while strawberries may look and taste different, they all smell the same, and as a result could be trademarked.

The court took a different view, and smell experts found that instead of just one aroma, strawberries can in fact have up to five different, distinct scents.
I wonder how they came up with the number five. I am sure I have noticed more than five distinct scents in a strawberry (those of you who have taken my Fruitflesh or sensory writing workshops know what I'm talking about.) Each individual strawberry has its own unique perfume, its own unique personality (fruit-in-ality?). I'm glad the smell can't be trademarked. It would be like trademarking a kiss.

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