Sunday, September 18, 2005

This Friday, I will head to DC for the big peace march and rally. I am so excited. I bought a bunch of pink clothes (including a fun ballerina-style satin and tulle dress) at Goodwill a few days ago so I can be fully CODEPINK-ed out. It should be an amazing few days. Our country is so ready for change. We will show our numbers, share our voices, make sure Washington feels our presence. The peace movement is not a focus group, as Bush called us after the huge worldwide rallies before the war began--we are a focused group, and we will make a difference.


Rachel said...

It's finally this week, and I can't wait either!

I've picked out my pink suit for this occasion as well.

Let's make a difference!

gayle said...

Yes!!!! See you there, Rachel. :)

Have a safe trip....