Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I am too tired to put coherent words together, but here is the one picture my camera took at the peace march before my batteries died...It was actually before the march, right next to the stage at the women's convergence, where Cindy Sheehan and other amazing women spoke and Joan Baez sang. After Medea Benjamin spoke, it was time to head over to the staging area for the march; Medea asked everyone to follow the banner I was holding. I had no idea where to go--luckily, she helped lead the way. It was amazing to be right at the front of a formidable group of women.

I found these two pictures online. I'm hoping I can wrangle some more from my friends. Here, you can see a sliver of my body on the left side of the frame as we walk to the staging area.

In this one, we're in front of the White House; you can see the side of my face at the bottom of the frame.

More stories soon, after I've had a chance to breathe a little and process everything. I have a feeling I'll be dreaming in pink tonight....


Dominique said...

Good for you, Gayle! I admire your work so much!

gayle said...

Thank you so much, dominique! It is so incredibly gratifying to be part of this movement; so many people are doing amazing work--I am just a tiny part of a huge uprising. It is very exciting.