Thursday, September 08, 2005

I am so heartened to see how many people are working to raise funds for Katrina victims.

My sister's friend Adam is hosting a fundraiser at his wine bar in New York tonight.

My husband's band, Bucksworth, is going to be playing at a benefit concert at the Fender Museum tomorrow night.

I'm hoping to put together some sort of benefit reading/concert, myself.

There are things you can do from home, as well. This information comes via my friend Susan Ito's blog:

An amazing woman named Susan White has spent the
weekend on the phone and has identified 4 places, all
of which have:

-taken in evacuees
-have NOT been contacted by major organizations yet
-are desperate for supplies
-and been spoken to directly by Susan, checking
exactly what they need as of *today*

They are:

The Baton Rouge River Center
275 South River Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
tel: 225-389-3030

The Women's Center
222 Veteran's Blvd.
Suite C
Denham Springs, LA 70726
tel: 225. 665-0214

Marksville City Hall
Attn: Hurricane Relief Coordinator
Myron Gagnard
427 North Washington St.
Marksville, LA 71351
tel: 318. 253. 9500
(this place is distributing to other places, too)

The St. Vincent de Paul Society for Katrina Evacuees
Ozanam Outlet
610 Memory Lane
Houston, TX 77037

If you would like to send donations (see below, for
what to send where) directly, yourself, please do.
I'd encourage you to check with the store daily,
though, to make sure you're sending what they need
most. I've put their phone numbers, so you *could*
call, but if 900 of us start calling daily, we'll
probably drive them nuts.

3. DONATIONS (What They Need):

If you want to bring donations to the store, we're
happy to sort, package, and send them out.

Here's what each place needs:

Baton Rouge River Center
-currently has over 6500 evacuees living there so we
might want to focus on them first.--

They need:

Baby Bottles
Non-perishable food
Sleeping Bags

The Women's Center needs:

Baby Food
Toddler Food
Maternity Clothes
Small boxes of Goldfish crackers
New Underwear
New Socks
New Pillows
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Hygiene Products
!No Grown up clothes!
!No Toys!

Marksville needs:

Baby Items of all Kinds
Hand Sensitizer
Pillows and Blankets
Baby and Children's Tee-shirts
Over the counter pain relievers
Coloring books/crayons/board games/children's books

(from Catherine, and the Community Bookstore in Park Slope, Brooklyn)

Alternet also offers 10 Great Ways You Can Help.

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