Tuesday, August 02, 2005

These things happened August 2nd:
My grandmother Molly was born (1884)
My sister Elizabeth was born (1972)
Her daughter Mollie Violet was born (1994)

Sister, you gave birth on your own
birthday, that day so hallow
already, the third generation
of women that day born. Sister,
my memories start that day,
the day you came home fresh
in the world, my fourth year,
Sister, my memories before that day
are yellow and fuzzy like the rug
in our room, like light
through a closed eyelid, Sister,
that day my mind slips
into Technicolor, like Dorothy
steps into Oz after all that Kansas
gray. Sister, I remember holding
you on an olive green pillow,
inhaling your burnt caramel scent,
admiring the chapped elegance
of your hands. Sister, I remember
waiting for your fingers
to open, your eyes. Sister,
that day opened the rest
of my life. My memories start
with you.

Happy Birthday, Elizabeth and Mollie! I love you!

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