Thursday, May 26, 2005

Hey, thanks to Kevin Smokler for mentioning me in his article about blogs over at MJ Rose's blog, Buzz, Balls and Hype I can't wait to read Kevin's book, Bookmark Now, which, according to the publisher, is

An anthology of original essays from our most intriguing young writers; Bookmark Now boldly addresses the significance of the production of literature in the twenty-first century. Or, simply, How do we talk about writing and reading in an age where they both seem almost quaint? The book features authors in their twenties and thirties--those raised when TV, video games, and then the Internet supplanted books as dominant cultural mediums--and their intent is to examine; (1) how this generation came to writing as a calling, (2) what they see as literature's relevance when media consumption and competition have reached unprecedented levels, and (3) how writing and reading fit in with the rest of our rapid, multitasking world. The result will offer a voyeuristic peek into the private, creative lives of today's writers and shed light on what their work means at a time when the book business is changing, yet--almost paradoxically--a time when storytelling as a means of both self-realization and community building (be it via e-mail, weblogs, or This American Life) seems more relevant than ever before.
I've been having lots of discussions lately about the relevance of literature today, so I am very excited to read these authors' thoughts on the matter.

Speaking of literature, I wish I had known about the Writing for Peace forum at the The Second Seoul International Forum for Literature. Not that I could have gone. I am grateful such forums exist (plus it would be amazing to travel to Korea some day.) At the wedding, the groom's mother showed me a sweet little key chain she picked up on Cheju Island, where my character Helen grew up. It was made of fake volcanic rock. I touched it and felt as if I was indirectly touching my character's world--both Helen and the key chain are replicas, replicants, representations of real life in Korea!

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