Monday, April 11, 2005

I wasn't planning to watch Pamela Anderson's new show, Stacked (even though it's set in a bookstore; even though Pamela Anderson knocked--with her knockers!--into my daughter at the West Hollywood Book Fair last year.) Now, though, I read that the fictional bookstore is stocked entirely with HarperCollins books, and I feel a perverse curiosity. I kind of doubt The Book of Dead Birds will end up in Pam's hands, but I can picture her holding a copy of Fruitflesh near her own genetically modified melons. If anyone watches the show and spots my book(s), please let me know!


Pat said...

Was Pam as hot in person? I'd do anything to be knocked over by those knockers(.)(.)!!!

gayle said...

Wow--I never expected to see emoticon breasts on my site!

I actually didn't see La Pam in person; I was speaking at a panel, and my daughter was waiting for me in the Green Room when the knocking occurred, so I only heard about it secondhand. She said that Pam was "pretty, but fake."

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply! Pat