Monday, November 08, 2004

Maybe dragon fruit would taste better dipped in chocolate. Can you imagine happening upon a chocolate covered road like the one in this link? Would you put your tongue to the asphalt? Would you swipe a finger through the dark sweet goo and lick it off?

I am always delighted to see stories like this one about strange highway spills. Random artful chaos (as long as it doesn't hurt anyone) is one of my favorite things. I wrote a story, "Flotsam", that is coming out soon in Drunken Boat (I'll post the direct link when it's live). In the story, a woman drives around, looking for truck spills to photograph. Her path crosses with a man who maps out ocean flotsam, things that have spilled in the sea.

My mother-in-law works for the City of Chino. One day, a call came in about a truck spill. It turned out the truck had been full of sex toys. "The street was positively quivering with dildos!" Patricia told us. That sentence still cracks me up whenever I think about it.

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