Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Some very cool news:

I heard back from Mary Becker, the executive producer of Original Child Bomb. She is going to send along a copy of the film for the family. I am deeply grateful for her generosity and can't wait to see the movie. I have been finding out more about Monkle over the last few days, and am eager to keep digging into his rich and amazing life.

I spoke about Monkle before I read some of my poetry at the peace conference on Saturday. What a beautiful night that was--a gorgeous outdoor amphitheater, a loving and committed group of people. The evening was full of surprises, too--I had the chance to help out with a performance art piece (something I haven't done since my experimental theater days in college), and even got to act as a back up singer during the big concert finale! And the editor from the Mississipi Review came up to introduce himself, which was so lovely and unexpected. We had corresponded via email--he is publishing one of my stories in the next issue (an all-political edition that I can't wait to read)--but I never imagined I would have the chance to meet him in person.

Other cool news:

I finished a new draft of my novel Self Storage two days ago. I'm sure I have a bunch of revision ahead of me, but it is a huge relief to be done with this draft. A couple of trusted and beloved friends are reading it now, and I'm both nervous and excited to hear their response. I so want this novel to work, and I'm not quite sure it does yet (although I know it is a huge improvement over my sucky first draft.)

I should end this post with a quote from Walt Whitman, since I've been spending so much time with him lately. I'm going to open Song of Myself and point to some lines at random. Here goes...

This is the breath of laws and songs and behavior,
This is the tasteless water of souls...this is the true sustenance

Walt's words are always true sustenance for me.

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