Friday, June 18, 2004

I am in love with the alphabet. My graduate seminar at Antioch was titled "Singing the Alphabet" and was all about the history of those 26 letters. We studied the evolution of different letters, wrote alphabet poems, discussed our favorite letters, and ate alphabet cookies. Great fun.

Over at Maud Newton (one of my favorite literary blogs) today is a link to an exhibit of artists' alphabet books (I am also in love with book art). What makes the link even more delicious is that the title of the exhibit is Abecedarium, which is very close to the title of the first poem (Abecedarian) in my chapbook Dictionary Poems.

It will be fun to read from Dictionary Poems at Book Passage on the 30th; I had such a great time on my book tour, but I'm a little tired of hearing myself talk about my novel (on the other hand, if you have any questions send them my way, and if you have a book group that wants to discuss my novel, I'm happy to join you in person or by phone!)

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