Friday, January 16, 2004

Happy new year! I hope everyone is having a great start to 2004. The energy of the new year--new chances, new beginnings--has inspired me to start a new project (to juggle with the other ones I have in the air already.)

I have decided to embark upon researching and writing a cultural and personal history of the thigh. I have been delving into how thighs have been portrayed in myth, art, literature, advertising, etc., and am finding some fascinating stuff (I had no idea so many mythical/religious figures, including Dionysus and Buddha, were thigh-born!) So many of us (myself included, despite all my body awareness work) have complicated relationships with our thighs, and I thought that such a study could help us make peace with our most problematic body part.

I have put together a survey to catalog people's relationships with their thighs; if you'd like to participate, please email me at thighbook at hotmail dot com and I'll send you the survey. I want to incorporate as many voices as possible (male and female; my focus will be women's thighs, but I want to include guy thighs, too.) Thanks so much!

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