Friday, November 01, 2002

In my bios, I often mention that my work can be found in several magazines and anthologies. Some people have asked me which anthologies in particular; I'll list the ones from the last five years here (I'll try to update every once in awhile; I'll list the magazines some time soon, as well.) Thanks to those who have expressed interest--I appreciate it! Most of these collections can be found at your favorite online bookstores:

--“Feeling East” (poem), FRESH WATER: Poems From the Rivers, Lakes, and Streams (Pudding House Press, Johnstown, OH, 2002)
--“Brit Ha-Hayim” (poem), MOTHERS AND DAUGHTERS (Harmony Books, New York, 2001).
--“Pinworm Patrol” (essay), BREEDER: Real-Life Stories from the New Generation of Mothers (Seal Press, Seattle, 2001)
--“Imagining Anna Akhmatova” (poem), 2000: Here’s to Humanity: A Comprehensive Compilation by Some of the World’s Most Illustrious Bards (The People’s Press, Baltimore, 2000.)
--“Becky and Nick” (poem), HENRY’S CREATURES: Poems and Stories on the Automobile (Black Moss Press, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 2000)
--“Washing Down the Chalk” (essay), JEWISH MOTHERS TELL THEIR STORIES (The Haworth Press, Binghampton, NY, 2000)
--“Sugar Rush” (short story), JANE’S STORIES II: An Anthology By Midwestern Women (Wild Dove Press, Palatine, IL, 2000)
--“Openings” (essay), THE SPIRIT OF PREGNANCY (Contemporary Books, Chicago, 2000.)
--“My Son’s Foot” (poem) ESSENTIAL LOVE: Poems about Mothers and Fathers, Daughters and Sons (Grayson Books, West Hartford, CT, 2000)
--“Bagels and Bialys” (short story), THE OY OF SEX: Jewish Women Write Erotica (Cleis Press, San Francisco, 1999)
--“Nes Gadol Haya Sham” (poem), FAMILY CELEBRATIONS (Andrews McMeel Publishing, Kansas City, 1999)
--“The Body Politic of Peace” (poem), HEAL YOUR SOUL, HEAL THE WORLD: Prayers and Poems to Comfort, Inspire, and Connect Humanity (Andrews McMeel Publishing, Kansas City, 1999)
--“woman before Idea of woman” (poem), WHICH LILITH? Feminist Writers Re-Create the World’s First Woman (Jason Aronson Inc., Northvale, NJ, 1998)
--“Mother’s Milk: A Dairy Tale”, OUR MOTHERS, OUR SELVES: Writers and Poets Celebrating Motherhood (Greenwood Publishing Group, Westport, CT, 1996. This story also appeared in the anthologies THE BREAST, Global City Press, 1997 and PANDEMONIUM, Hysteria Press, 1996.)

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